Saturday, January 13, 2018

Back for another run

Rain rolled through Charlotte for the past couple days so I didn't hold any high helps of hitting any thing other than the all weather trails at the White Water Center. However, to my surprise, the trails were open today.

For the most part, they were in pretty good shape. there were a few rough - how should I say this -"muddy spots" but there was nothing that a somewhat sure footed runner couldn't navigate.

With S2F trail races coming up next weekend, I am looking forward to getting a "shape" check to see how may training is going.

After getting back from Disney, I spent the next several days making up for lost sleep, and then I got taken down by nasty head cold last weekend. But things are looking up now, and I am looking forward to starting '18 off on a positive note.

I just need to convince my legs of it. We shall see.

I guess the craziest thing is this the weather. One day, the temperature is 12 degrees. A few days later, the temp is near 70. In one run, I don't even sweat to another run where I feel like a snow plow pushing the humidity aside. This is one of the blessing of living in the Carolinas.

Just a wait a few days, and the weather will change. That is except for the summer time where it is just hot, hot, hot, and more hot. LOL.

See on the next run,

The Cool Down Runner

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