Friday, January 26, 2018

Fartlek Workout that was more

So to mix up some of my training, I headed out for a 10-mile fartlek workout yesterday. I like those on the gas off the gas workouts. The run gears was starting to kick-in. My legs felt loose, and I was rolling along.

A little after 6 the mile point, I glanced down at my Garmin. For whatever reason, it went from ½ battery life to giving me the nearly out of battery message.  I don’t understand how this happen. The darn thing should have had enough of a charge for a 10-mile run.

Anyway, because this was a Fartlek workout, I wasn’t following any particular known route. If my Garmin completely died, I would be guessing at the final distance, and I hate guessing.

What else could I do? I had to pick up the pace.

Funny note about the Garmin, when it dies, there is no last second cry for help. The screen simple goes gray.

Sweat pouring, lungs burning, I pushed on. I hit 7 mile still it hadn’t died. I hit 8 miles, and it still had life. At 9 miles, it was still recording. Could I make it?

Any second, the last ounce of energy would be gone from the battery.  9 and ¼ miles, still life exists. 9 ½ miles, still life. I was now literally glancing from the road ahead to my Garmin every second fully expecting the flame of life to be whiffed out.

9 and ¾ miles, I might make it. Finally, the 10-mile split popped up.


I made it.

After my run yesterday, I left my Garmin on. How much of the battery life could be left. The little flashing battery was just pulsing. Yet, I just looked at it just now, and it is still on.

Just so you know, I am not chancing another run with it until it goes back on the charger.

The Cool Down Runner

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