Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Video Recorder Sunglasses

Since I first posted a video taken captured with my sunglasses, other runners have asked just one question. What did I use to capture the video?

With so many people asking, I thought I would finally share where I got them and what I have learned from wearing them.

The sunglasses are called Air Venturi Video Recorder Sunglasses and I bought off the Pyramyd Air website. They sell paint ball type stuff and the accessories. The sunglasses are one of the accessories.

Originally, I bought them for when I am cycling. The thought being that I would record those guys that "buzz" a little too close to me during my ride.

But I started wearing them during my road races and as they say "the rest is history"

The sunglasses capture a 3Mpx video via pinhole camera. There is a built in 4GB drive which can capture about an hour and half of video. The camera actually has a little over 3 hours of battery life.

There is also an additional slot for an expansion micro-disk.

Once the camera is turned on you about a minute to start recording or it will go into sleep mode. Basically, you have to turn it on again. I usually wait until right before the race and then turn it on.

With the camera turned on, you touch a 2nd button and start the recording. A blue light will start flashing while it is recording. You cannot see the light flashing while wearing them. Then, to stop record you just press the same button.

It creates an AVI file which can be pulled up and played on most Windows computers.

Some other things that I have learned, the mic is really sensitive to the wearer's voice. I assume it is because of the close proximity to my mouth, but for other people, it captures their voice fairly well.

The video is decent. While walking around, it is no different than a handheld camera. Running is another story. For me personally, the video can cause a little vertigo issue. While I don't realize that I bounce while running, the video captures everything including me bounding along on the pavement.

One other note, the camera doesn't exactly capture what you see. Because glasses set on the nose, there tends to be a slight downward angle. The camera tends to capture about a 150 degree angle between the ground and directly overhead.

If you decide to purchase a pair of these glasses, there is something that you will soon realize. Your eyes and brain process information far quicker than the camera can take in video. Many times, I will find myself looking around or upward for a split second which is all the eyes and brain need to understand what is there. However, the camera only captures a quick glimpse so for anyone later watching the video they just get some blurred video. Now, when I wear them, I tend to hold my gaze a little longer so that there is enough time to capture some decent video. Usually it takes no more than 2 or 3 seconds.

There you have it - Video Sunglasses. If someone does buy a pair, please post your video. I liked to see how others see races.



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