Sunday, August 28, 2011

Greekfest 5k – Recap 8.28.11

Passing by the mile point, Spada was just in front of me and Jim was about 25 meters in front of both of us. Both lungs were screaming for air as fast it could be inhaled. Each leg was sending back signals that they were nearing their limit. Then, my eyes wondered just ahead of Steve and what do I see, but David Dye running right in front of us. That's 3 strong Master's Runners and where did David come from anyway? No sign of him at the start or warming up. Maybe he just jumped in the race somewhere on the Dilworth speed loop. But no time too really think about it only signals from my brain to push and keep pushing harder.

That's pretty much a summary of my race.

I posted on Facebook that I was heading out for a course preview around 6:45 race morning. Heading down East Blvd Steve pulled alongside and we ran our warm up together.

As usual the Greekfest 5k brings out everyone in Charlotte. All were looking for a fast time after a hot summer of hard training.

The start was crowded with runners stretching all the way across East Blvd. Chad and Billy were right on the starting line. They looked to continue their Grand Prix series duel.

Tim yells "go" and everyone surges forward. Going down East Blvd runners were starting to stretch out in front of me. Carolyn and Alice came roaring by me. Looking down at my legs, I wondered when they were going to get moving.

Steve's outfit was pretty easy to pick out among the runners ahead of me so I focused on trying to make up some ground.

Around the Dilworth speed loop, I was getting closer to Steve. By the mile, I was running off his shoulder. Then, David came next. Kingston Ave is just uphill enough to make it hurt. A brief glace over my shoulder, I thought it was Steve there.

But my focus was on trying to catch Jim. Left turn on to Lyndhurt Ave. the slight downhill wasn't much help. Then heading down E. Worthington Ave, the 2 mile point loomed just ahead. Time was running out to make any type of move so the last of my energy reserves were thrown at my legs. Any unused heart beats were directed in the same direction. All systems were at critical with the turn on to the Dilworth speed loop again.

Finishing the speed loop and turning left E. Blvd a core meltdown was starting to occur. Even thou, the distance between us was closer, close is only helpful in horse shoes.

On top of it, my legs had nothing left and were simply turning over. Then, the wind was blowing into our faces heading up E. Blvd toward the finish. Think – "wading through water while towing an ocean liner".

Adam flew by me on the way to the finish. Clearly, his legs had the speed needed for a fast finish.

A couple of other guys passed me as well.

The clock for me finally stopped at 17:16. That's good enough for 14th OA and 2 Male Master. And for the first time in 3.14 miles, my breathe finally caught up to me in the finish corral.

Thinking about the race I was pleased with my effort. Another stone was put in place with this race in what will hopefully be another successful marathon training plan.



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