Wednesday, August 3, 2011

12 x 400 plus 4 x 200

"O" I feel the need for speed or at least this was the thought resonating through my mind as I headed for the PDS track this morning. Let me assure everyone that I tried to "kick the tires and light the fires" another quote from the movie "Top Gun", but there wasn't much smoke coming out.

The first interval was a sluggish "felt like running through sand" 1:27. This was followed by a series of 1:25s, then 1:24s, 1:23s, and finished off with a 1:21 12th interval.

The final 4 x 200 intervals were solid but not real fast. Honestly, after 12 x 400, the tank was nearly dry and I was coasting home on empty.

But on the bright side, this was a workout to start the ball rolling.

With every mountain to climb, the first steps up hill are always difficult. The body begins the tricky transition from logging easy miles to dealing with the difficult steps as the intensity slope tilts upward.

"So it begins" is another quote from the 90s movie "Robin Hood Prince of thieves"



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