Sunday, August 21, 2011

Long Run Sunday

Mike usually makes the long solo trip down to Charlotte for his long runs with us so when he asked if anyone was willing to come out the Concord way, I said "yes". We met next to Star Bucks' near downtown Concord. Personally, I think Mike does this so he has a carrot to finish his runs out quickly.

I rolled into the parking lot just before 6 am and we rolling out shortly thereafter. Mike knows all of the back roads and water stops. He even plans a restroom break along the course. The first half is tough but the 2nd made up for it.

We cruised through the first 10 miles in a little over 81 minutes and pulled it back over the 2nd half of the course with a 75 minute effort. We finished overall with a 2:36 effort. In my opinion, this was a nice effort for a warm August Sunday morning run.

I just wanted to pass this along because if you get a chance, head up Mike's way for an early morning tour of Concord. Definitely, it is worth the drive.


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