Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Trial and 5k Race = busy week

This week is turning into a rather busy week for me. Work is definitely picking up and on the athletic side, things are picking up as well. On Wednesday night, I will be heading over to Lowes Speedway for the 10 Time Trial and then early Saturday morning, I will be running the Greek Fest. 5k.

The Carolina Cycling group is putting on their next to last cycling time trail and they are having both an individual and team time trials this week. I had given some thought to getting together a team for the team trial but I couldn't find 3 other guys in time so I am only entered in the individual time. It was a little disappointing but still, I will get to see the team trial. Maybe next year, I see about putting together a team.

Then, on Saturday morning, we have the 7th race in the RFYL GP series. The series is shaping up very well with lots of runners looking to solidify their overall and age positions. With the Greek Festival 5k being one of the fastest races in Charlotte, lots of people will be looking to run as fast as possible and gain as many points as possible. I will be definitely running hard. Both Mark and Steve have been keeping the pressure on me all season. I don't foresee them letting off their intensity as the GP series comes to a close. And, I suspect we will be battle for the Master Title right down to the last event.


love2run26.2 said...

Thanks for the power rankings for the females! I did see my name! COOL!
I will also be out there for the 5k Saturday. Hope to see you...but you are WAY FASTER than me. Good luck!

Cool Down Runner said...

You are most welcome.

-btw Some of us are doing a warm and cool down run after the race. You are welcome to join in. We usually do it at a very lesurely pace. :) Come join.

WU: is at 6:45
CD: is usually 10 to 15 minutes after the race

amlinz said...

Time Trial looks so cool! At some point I got to get a road bike and give this a try. Thx for the recap.