Monday, August 17, 2009

Breaking-in and rotating Running Shoes

This weekend I stopped by TrySports to pick-up a new pair of running shoes. As soon as I returned home, I was pulling my news shoes out of the box to wear around. This helps break in the running shoes and also helps work out any kinks in the shoes. You never want to find 2, 3, or 4 miles into a run that the shoe doesn't fit exactly as you expected it to.

My typical breaking in process is to wear the shoes around for a few hours and make sure to lace them as you would if you were running in them. Then, when I am happy with the shoes, I date the shoes and put them into my standard rotation of running shoes where they stay until I deem passed the point for running. You may wonder why I date them. Well, I could use the date to approximate the number of miles that I have run in them. If my knees are ankles start aching, I checked the date on the shoe. It is probably time to remove the shoes in question from my regular running shoes.

For of you that don't know I have different shoes for each day of the week and for different types of runs. For example, if I am going out for an easy run, I have a certain shoes to use for these efforts. If I am doing speed work, I have a lighter type of shoes to use. If I am doing a long run, I use a heavier, more cushion, and stable type of shoe. And unless absolutely necessary I never run the same shoe on consecutive days and by and large I only run in the shoes once a week.

This helps extend the life of shoe because it gives the materials used to make the shoe time to recover after a workout.

-thoughts from the shoe gods.

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