Thursday, August 27, 2009

CCTT @ Lowes Motor Speedway Rewind

Last night my athletic journeys took me out to Lowes Motor Speedway for the Lower Motor Speedway 8.26.09 Time Trial Series put on by the Carolina Cycling Time Trial Association. This was my third attempt at time trialing which I am still looking to figure out.

To chronological the events, I arrived a little after 5pm and picked up my number and chip. Because of the Team Time Trial everything was being bumped up 30 minutes. For me this meant I would be riding at 6:17 instead of 6:47. It also meant that the sun would still be beating down on the track and keeping the track temperatures close to or above 100 degrees.

Putting my bike together and pumping up the tires came next and then, it was time to head out on the track to warm up. And with just a few minutes to spare, I finished my 10 mile warm up. I headed back to the car to change into my new aero helmet, take a gel and some water.

Time was moving too fast and I had to make a dash to the starting line in order to make my start time.

The support crew member held my bike while I clipped in and then I heard the beeper counting me down. When it dinged, I took off.

For the first 2 laps, I rode on the drops. I was trying to stay as aero as possible. If there is one thing that I am learning about riding a bike, it is you need to present as small an area as possible to the wind. That is if you want to go fast.

After two laps, I forced myself to switch to my aero bars. I am still not entirely comfortable riding in the aero position, but unless I force myself to do it, then I will never get comfortable. So for the next five laps, I stayed in the aero position and rode as hard as I could. I like riding on the aero bars but boy it is hard to control the bike.

To my knowledge, only one other rider passed me during my time on the track. In contrast to my other time trials when I was getting passed quite regularly.
Coming around on the final lap, my left hamstring was really stinging but it was just one of those things you have to push out of your mind and focus on the getting to finish.

The finish line came up fast and as I crossed it I checked my watch: 25:23. This was nearly a 3 minute improvement.

Heading back to the car, I poured in the water and pretty much inhaled a Power Bar. I was hungry.

Tomorrow is a running so to keep the legs loose and work out the lactic acid, I headed off to the warm down track and did another 10 miles. After riding 10 miles so hard, those final 10 miles felt really easy.

I put my bike away and changed clothes before heading out to watch some of the Team Time Trial. The Team Time Trial really looked like a blast and is something I want to try next year. I just need to find three other guys willing to ride with me. But I have year to find them.

Below, I have posted my lap splits and heart rates – avg. and max. for anyone that is interested.

Lap split (1mi) – Avg. Heart rate – Max Heart rate record during each lap.
2:45 138/151
2:42 154/159
2:27 160/165
2:27 164/166
2:31 164/168
2:33 166/169
2:26 166/168
2:28 169/170
2:35 171/173
2:23 172/176
10 Mile time - 25:23
Avg. Mph 23.6 Max Mph 27.8
Avg. Heart Rate 162 Max Heart rate 176

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