Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Towel over that Treadmill display

My recent injury has redirected when and where that I workout. I now spend more time riding the bike, using the Stair Master, and Elliptical machine at the Y.

During my most recent visit, I found my self looking around to see what other people were doing while they exercised.

A lot of people have the iPods attached to their arms so they can listen to their favorite music; I assume. Others have little radios that can be tuned to the over head televisions.

While others simply just stare straight ahead.

What I found most interesting is that a lot people cover up the machine's display console and I wondered why.

I looked down at my display and I hadn't covered it up. I wanted to see the miles that I had ridden. I wanted to know the number calories that I had burned.

But more importantly, I like watching my heart rate. Most of the machines have a Polar Heart Rate interface so I just have to wear my hear monitor and it all works.

So why do they cover up the display. Do they just not want to know how much they completed or how much they have left to complete.

Do must people just to get on the machines and workout at one pace for the entire workout. Most the machine have a ton of stuff that you can change during your work. I would think they would want to tweak the settings.

Maybe next time, I will just walk up and ask. I hope they don't think that I am being rude. But I am just curious.

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