Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So goes the recovery

With just about a week into my recovery, things are starting to progress. Since I tabled all of my marathon plans and have pretty much ruled out going to Uwharrie, I have been floating along while I figure out what I can and cannot do.

Since last Thursday, I have been living on the treadmill since it is flat. It also helps that the treadmill provides a very soft landing and that I can control the speed and incline. For the record, I try to set the incline at 1% and get the pace close to 8 minutes.

Last Thursday, it was all that I could do to just run 1 mile. By the time I reached 3/4 of mile the entire outside of the knee was aching. Disappointed, I climbed off the treadmill. I probably looked the most dejected that I have looked in my life.

But in keeping with my motto for this year, I searched for a bright side. I looked around and saw a free bike at the Y. I jumped and proceed to ride 10 miles. It was not perfect, but when you are in need, a bike is a good 2nd option for me. Afterwards, I tried the elliptical machine and then lastly the stair master. The elliptical machine could be a good workout machine for me. However, I struggle to keep my feet planted on the pedals. Like in running, I want to pick up my feet. Also because of the arm bars, the elliptical machine gives the upper arms a good workout.

But least we forget the Stair Master. I am guessing the Stair Master machones are getting a little out of style. The University Y only has 2 and they put them on the inside of the upstairs track. Maybe having to climb stairs to get to the Stair Master should be considered as part of the workout.

Through all of these workouts, I found that only running caused my knee pain. I even got my bike out for a ride on a 20 degree day. It really too cold to ride a bike outside. But, I was not to be denied. I bundled up and went anyway.

Since last Thursday, I am up to running 2, and then 4 miles a day and biking 20 miles. If I feel like it, I fill in the other times with the elliptical machine and stair master.

At this point, I am able to run 4 miles before my knee really starts to sting.

I just have to remember to be patient. It is not easy when you just want to go run.

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