Sunday, October 25, 2015

“The Guy”

Wow, yesterday was a full day for me.

First off, I had my last medium 14 mile long run before my marathon next weekend.

Pushing the sleep from my eyes, I headed down the Charlotte Running Company at Dilworth. I was starting here for 10 miles and then looping back so I can pick up the store runs heading out at 8 AM. This runs were in celebration of the Charlotte Running Company 15 years of being in business. Wow, had it really been 15 years. I remember, when they first opened. It is amazing the changes across Charlotte that have taken place.
By way, big thanks to Flavia for planning our our 8 an 4 mile courses.
Back to my store, as I planning out my run, by large, I was looking to do this on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway but while heading down East Blvd by Freedom Park, I suddenly changed my mind. I pushed past the greenway entrance and headed up through the neighborhoods. I ran by the Myers Park Country Club. Took right on Chilton, another right on Sharon, then a left on Wendover. Took left on Providence, and then took a right on Coleville before picking up Randolph Rd. From there, I headed all the way in to uptown. Then, a left on McDowell, a right on Stonewall, a left at South Blvd, and a left back on to East and back to the Charlotte Running Company store.

Without really planning a route out, I managed to run just under 10 miles.

From there, I picked up the store group runs to finish out my last 4 miles. This turned out to be the best part. I have been running so much solo lately that I have missed the social interaction that comes from group runs. On top of it, the miles passed so much more quickly. We were headed back up East Blvd to finish out my run before I knew it.

Then, the mingling started. I got a chance to catch up with a few guys that I hadn’t seen in while. I picked up some shoes. Got myself a sweet Charlotte Running Company hoodie just for spending a $130 on two pairs of shoes. Which of course, I would have bought anyway but the hoodie was a nice perk.    

We took some pictures. I watched as Scott engraved glasses for anyone that wanted one. Wow, I learned that Scott does engravings. I helped Mike put some labels on the shoes boxes.

Before, I knew it; it was 9:30, and I needed to head out.

I swung by to pick up my daughter before heading back to my house. Along the way, we made a quick stop to pick a few items.

Our neighbor was having a block party, and it happens to be on my street.

Changing clothes in a flash, I was back out mowing and then finishing up all of my other chores before the party setup began.

My daughter was expected to do the face painting so we put out our tent, and setup her table, chairs, and supplies.

This was her first time ever doing face painting, and she was awesome at it. First, the girls wanted the frilly stuff done. The boys wanted the scary stuff. Even the adults were getting in on the act. She was painting the Panther’s Iconi Cat head image on their cheeks.

This is a sad but true side story. I have lived in this community for roughly 20 years but I hardly know anyone.  Yes, there are neighbors on each side of me that I know but overall, I don’t know anyone.

Then, yesterday, people were coming up to me and asking was I “the guy” that they see running. Quite possibly, I am. I have seen a few others running her, but not as often.

They were tell me that I inspire them to work out because I am out there rain, sleet, snow, cold, or hot. It doesn’t really matter; I am always running. Actually, I don't run that often. Ususally, my typical runs are over an hour, I rarely run much of the run inside my neighborhood but anyway. 

I don’t know but I wonder now if my cheeks turned red. I have never been one for seeking or expecting praise for the things that I do.

I feel that a man doesn’t need to seek praise for his actions. If he believes in what he is doing. then the results and the satisfaction from his efforts are all that really matter.

True satisfaction always comes from within one’s self.
Like I said, it was a full day, but an awesome one. I would trade watching my daughter face pain for any amount of money. Some memories are so much more valuable.


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