Saturday, October 3, 2015

Getting it done

Well, after looking at the weather forecast for today, there didn’t appear to be any good times to run. So after dropping my daughter off for play practice, I figured it would be a good time for mental toughness training.

I parked at the Siski Y and headed out for my run. The rain was falling at a steady rate but at least it wasn’t dumping out of bucket. This was more than I expected.  

A mile or so in the rain changed over to a steady drizzle. Ok, this seems to be going in the right direction. That is other than being blown around like kite by the wind.  

Since I had plenty of time to kill, picking up some miles on the 4 mile greenway sounded pretty good. Entering through Squirrel Park, I was stopped by the water flooding over the greenway less than a half mile later. Ok, no big deal, I will just go in the other direction. Ugh, okay, it was flooded on the other side. I ended up going back out the way that I entered.  I should have expected it so I don’t know what I was thinking.

So with the greenway miles now off the limits, I was left to tour the streets of Matthews.  Actually, this wasn’t so bad. It has been years since I spent any real time running around Matthews. Seeing any town by foot is always better than in car. And, exploring some place different keeps me interested. I wish that I did it more often than I do.

Anyway, other than steady drizzle throughout my run and the occasional gust of wind, my run went very well. Nowhere near as tough as I anticipated so the mental toughness training will need to be done another day.


Another rainy day in CLT,

The Cool Down Runner

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