Friday, October 2, 2015

Matrix Stairmaster

Wednesday, I was late getting off from work so instead of heading to the Dowd Y where I knew the parking would be terrible, I headed for the University Y. My preferred location is the Dowd Y because I like their stair masters. The University Y only has the stair masters where you actually have to take a step as you climbing verses the stair master where I only need to raise and lower my knee.

But as I said, I expected parking to be terrible so my only real choice was to give the true stepper stair masters a shot this week.

At the Dowd Y, I will often be reading or listening to music while I am in my 30 minute workout. It didn’t take my long to figure this was not going to work with these Matrix Stair Masters. If I wasn’t watching where my feet went, I was stumbling on to the next step.

15 minutes into the workout, sweat was dripping from my forehead. By 25 minutes, I was ready to climb off of it. My quads were burning.

The last 5 minutes seemed like they took forever.

Were these Matrix Stair Masters better? Yeah, I have to agree that they made me work much harder.  My legs felt trashed for a couple of days.

Somewhere down in here, I do have a moral to this little story.

Life can easily get into a rut as our bodies and minds love a stagnate routine.  Look around to see what’s available and try something new.  You body will thank you it. Maybe not then, but later on for sure.

Matrix Stairmaster – monster workout

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