Saturday, October 31, 2015


Being a little nostalgic, has it really been 30 years?

They say nothing stays the same for very long but aside from a couple of new play ground sets, Ritter Park looked pretty the same as I remembered it some 30 years ago.

Wow, have 30 years really passed? It seems like only yesterday that I cruised over these crushed limestone paths. I ran 800s around the park until I felt like I wanted to throw up. Any time I was out for a long run, I made sure to cover the park from end to end. It was my favorite place to run in all of Huntington.

Once again this morning, I cruised along those same crushed limestone paths. Memories rolled back like a high light reel from an eighties movie.

Getting back to one’s running roots can make you feel good all over.

Well, this time, I am back in Huntington for the Marshall University Marathon (MUM). I doubt that I will be throwing up this time, but running a marathon, I suspect I will be suffering just as much.

The MUM race committee gets a big thumbs-up for race swag. The cool Asics jacket sports the MUM race logo. Their sweet race blanket sports the MUM logo as well. Together, they probably cost entire race entry fee. I also picked a nice running hat and beanie for $20 both with the MUM logo. I will be styling for days to come. 

Now for my race goals, my training hasn’t been up to my usual standards so I have set my goals accordingly. A sub 3 hours will be my “A” goal. 3 to 3:15 will be my “B” goal. “C” goal will be from 3:15 to 3:30. I ran a 3:09 for 24 miles a few weeks ago so this makes me comfortable setting these as my goals.

I had hoped for some good running weather but right now it looks like mid 50s, humid, and possibly raining. This could well be the worst conditions that I have run a marathon in a long time. I have not run well when it is humid. Both my Charleston race and m 13.1 race were ugly because it was insanely humid.

I can only control one thing that is me. I will get locked into my pace and attempt to run as even splits as possible.

Wish me well,


The Cool Down Runner



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