Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Stair Master have arrived

Yesterday morning after my run, I walked into the Y and headed up stairs to spend some time working out on the stair master.

I was greeted by the three new stair masters. Let’s just say that I wasn’t overly excited about the change. I had the old version figured out and like how they worked. These new ones have the bars at a different angle, interface board more slanted, and the interpretation of effort is different.

With the old modal, I could jump on at 97 steps per minute. With this new modal, I was over 110 steps per minute. This is based on trial and effort to gain a personal feel of what is an equivalent effort.   

I like to read while I am on the stair master. With the old modal, my iPad was roughly 24 inches away. With the new modal, it is close to 36 inches and since the interface board is inclined at a different angle, the light glares across my iPad. I can still read it but I definitely don’t like the glare.

Then, there is just frustration of how the two machines interpret a workout. 60 minutes on the old modal, was close to 7 miles and 800 calories. These new stair masters, 60 minutes is barely 2 miles and 400 calories. And, let’s not forget difference in the step rates.

But there is no going back now so I just have to improvise, adapt, and overcome.


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