Wednesday, February 4, 2015

400s at Bradley Middle School Track

Not sense last Oct have I ventured on to a track for an interval session so yesterday, I wasn’t quite sure how my legs would respond.

I wish they had responded better but I just broached the big “5-0”. As much as I don’t like slowing down, I know it is happening. Still, I plan to fight it every step of the way.

This session consisted of 12 x 400 broken across 3 sets. Each 400 was followed with a 200 recovery jog.

To warm-up, I hit the grass soccer fields for about 2 and ½ miles. The ground was like a sponge from all of the recent rain, but it still felt good to get off the pavement.

Then, I headed over to the track for my work out session.

The first set, I averaged 1:23s. The second set, I averaged 1:21s and 1:22s. The final set, I averaged 1:21s and 1:20. My legs seemed to settle into the workout after the first 6 intervals. Being solo probably didn’t help either.

After finishing my last interval, it was time to head back to the soccer fields. Actually, I was surprised at how good my legs felt running the last few miles on the grass. May be next time, I will just mark off 400 meters on the soccer field for my workout.

Up next week will be 4 x 1 mile. If the weather cooperates, I will do them at PDS. Assuming the temperature isn’t in the teens or the twenties.


See you on cool down run coming soon,

The Cool Down Runner



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