Tuesday, February 3, 2015

CRC Board Meeting – Jan.

We 'Charlotte Running Club' kicked off our first board meeting at Triple C Brewery last Thursday night. Personally, I was excited to attend. Having stepped away from much of the planning and running our club, I have been out of the “know” for what’s happening. What I did learn and makes me think that I did the right thing by stepping back. Eric is off to a great start as President. The committees are up and running. Maybe, they are little understaffed at this point, but give it time. Billy with the Community effort and Dave with the Communications effort seem to be excelling in their roles. FlaVia appears to have leaped in with both feet as our social director. She presented a list of events spread throughout the year. The birthday idea was awesome and I believe this is an idea that will resonate with our members. Lori is picking up the membership front. Melinda returns as our secretary and Rich is getting his hands around our Treasury role.

One of the biggest initiatives that I hope goes well for ’15 is connecting with new CRC members. This is not to say that we didn’t attempt to connect with our new members in the past. Because we did, but we tended lump the entire effort on one person. The ideas that I heard last Thursday night made a lot of sense and should bode well for helping new members feel a greater association with our club.

CRC is off to a great start in ’15. One thing would make it even better that is getting involved. Our club’s committees have plenty of room for more individuals. To join in the fun, just email run.charlotte@gmail.com.


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