Tuesday, August 13, 2013

CRC Summer Track Meet

After two weeks of watching our CRC Summer Track Series, I wanted badly to participate in one.

This past week, I rearranged my training schedule so I can run it.
After helping the setup, I went to the registration table to sign up. Then, I just needed to pin on my number and head to the track for some warm up miles.

Our CRC track meet started with the 3200 meter run. Eric and Lucas charged off the line. I settled into 4th. After a couple of laps, I move into the 3rd. I can see Eric and Lucas up ahead charging way. Then, Eric seemed to be making this move away from Lucas.

The distance between Lucas and I stabilizes for a few laps. I don’t know. Maybe I am picking it up or maybe Lucas is slowing. The gap between us seems to be shrinking. With about 600 meters to go, I pull even with him.

With 400 meters to go, I tried throwing in a surge, but it is too small and ineffective. Lucas waits until we are coming off the final turn and makes push for the finish. Possibly, I could have matched him, but we will never know. What I did know is that I had a bunch more events to do. I saw no sense messing them up for this one event. Lucas finished in 10:59. I cross behind him in 11:02. I am happy with it.

Next up is the 200 meters. Audrey and I run almost side by side the entire 200. I was shouting encouragement to her as we ran. Who knew that she had so many fast twitch muscles?

The 800 followed but my time wasn't nearly as fast as I wanted. I could only manage a 2:49.

From the 800, we went to the 400. Again Audrey and I ran almost side by side the entire way. I finished in 77. It felt like I was running faster, but this was all my legs could muster.

The sun was getting high enough that I could really feel it now. I dug in for the 1600. Eric and Lucas went out way faster than I could manage. My legs felt really sluggish. I closed with a 5:43 which I guess isn’t bad considering everything.

When I started the morning, I had pretty much convinced myself to do every event except the 100. The 100 more than any other event stresses my hamstrings to the max. But having just finished the 1600, I thought; why not do it? After all, this could conceivable be my only chance to finish in the same straightway as Jamaar. LOL.

After Larry had a miss fire of the starting pistol, the second firing was good and we were off. I focused on a nice hard strider all the way to the finish.

The Providence Day School Track is a great location for track meets. They have an awesome facility. Ben Hovis and Larry Fredrick have been fantastic running and organizing the event. My hope is that this will build into a must do event in the years to come.


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