Friday, August 2, 2013

5k plus 4 x 1 mile

Stan told me about a Tuesday night racing series in Iredell County. Then, later he sent me a link to their FaceBook page.

I little more research, and I found they were having a race on Tuesday 30th of July. The timing was perfect for me. My workout for the week was 1 x 2 mile and then 4 x 1 mile. Making the workout a 1 x 5k and then 4 x 1 mile was all the better.

The event was put on by the McLelland Racing Team which is the local running club. This particular event was held on the greenway near their soccer fields.

With the recent rain, the greenway had been flood which left a nice layer of dirt covering the asphalt. This made the course feel almost as if I was running on dirt. This was clearly visible by how brown my white Thorlo socks were after the event.

We started on the greenway and head up through the parking area. There we ran about a half mile before entering the greenway again.

Jose and I took turns swapping the 3rd spot back and forth during the race. We went through the first mile in 5:35.

The turnaround was at the Rec center.

Both Jose and I continue our back and forth exchange and but both could tell that we were closing on the 2nd place guy.

I pushed the pace a little but nothing major. Unlike the rest of these guys, this was a workout for me and I still had 4 x 1 mile to do afterwards.

Just before 3 miles Jose makes a big move. He passes both me and the second place guy.

I finish 4th overall. My splits for the event were 5:35, 5:52, and 5:50.

After a 5 minute recovery job, I went into my 4 x 1 mile repeats. Here I have averaged 6:13 per mile with a 3 minute recovery between each repeat.

My legs were really starting to feel it toward the end of the workout. I tallied 11 miles total with 7 of them being at a high intensity.

I should also note that before the 5k I was doing myusual preworkout striders across the soccer field. At least for 100 yards or so, I feel fast. Then reality sets. LOL.


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