Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brooks Ghost - Commentary

I recently picked up a couple of pairs of the Brooks Ghost running shoes. I was looking for something different this training cycle and thought that I would give the Ghost a try.

Based on the specs this shoe looked like an ideal long run shoe for me.

This shoe weighs 10.7 oz. and falls into the “Neutral” category of running shoe types. This perfect and exactly what I needed.

After a little walking around time to break them in, I took them for an 18 mile run a couple of weeks ago. Starting out they felt great. The ride was good, and they felt like they had some bounce to them.

Everything seemed to be going along just fine until somewhere around 9, 10, or 11 miles. This is when I noticed my left foot getting a hot spot just behind the ball and along the inside of the foot. After the run, I found that I had a small blister in this spot.

A few days later, I ran in the other pair for 10 miles. Basically, the same thing happened again.

From what I can tell; my foot is slightly wider than the sole of the shoe.  With the curved design, it pressed against my foot at just the right spot.

Now, I have run in both the Brooks Glycerin and the Trance. I never experience this same problem with either of these shoes.

This past weekend, I tried the shoe again, but this time I placed a Band-Aid over the spot. While the Band-Aid helped with the blister, I could still feel the irritation.

I am not sure what I will do with them now. Certainly anything nearing 10 miles causes an issue. I may keep them around for warm up and cooling down runs or maybe for shorter 4 to 6 miles runs.  


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