Tuesday, August 6, 2013

800 Cut downs

Last Friday evening I went up to Bradley Middle School Track for my 800 cut down workout. After Tuesday 5k tempo followed by 4 x 1 mile work, I was keeping this one much shorter.

My 800 cut down workout would be 6 x 800 with half distance recovery.

In my usual sluggish way, I started out with 2:48. Then, I went 2:46. The heat and humidity were not helping, but the light breeze made me feel better when I charged up the back stretch.

Half way through it, I ran 2:44. At least things were going in the right direction. I wasn’t sure if I could run faster, so I focused on just maintaining what I was running.

The 4th 800 was in 2:43. Well, this was only a second faster. It was still headed in the right direction but my gains were getting smaller.

I only had two more to go.

Interval 5 was run in 2:41. Wow, I full two seconds faster. I didn’t see that one coming. But at the same time this was boosting my confidence.

I had one more interval to go.

I charged off the line. Through the first 100 meters, my legs were clawing at the ground. I tried to accelerate my breathing to match. I knew full well that I needed to be in front of the much needed oxygen debut that my body would soon encounter. Down the back stretch, the light breeze felt refreshing through the hot and humid air. 300 meters marks the point where I go into the heat furnace. With the breeze at my back, I feel like I am in a hot box.

One 400 is done and I am starting my final lap. There is no need to look at my stop watch. The time will be what it is – nothing more and nothing less.  I head one last time down the back stretch and refreshing breeze.

By this time my heart rate is maxed out, my breathing is labored, and my legs have reached the wobbly state.

I have 100 meters more to run.

Urging the legs to run faster when all they want to do is slow down isn’t easy. I try. I left focus on lifting my knees.

I cross the line and press the split button on my stop watch – 2:40.

I stop momentarily but impulse to keep moving quickly has me jogging along until my body recovers.

I would have like to run faster, but then what runner doesn’t want to run faster. However, I am happy with it.

I crossed off another good workout on my way to Wine Glass this fall. Believe me, this training cycle is flying by.


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