Thursday, October 25, 2012

RunningWorks, Salsaritas, and Guys with Ties

Earlier this week, Meredith sent out an email to our TrySports Ambassador team saying that her Running Works Organization – Monster Dash 5k would be holder a registration event at Salsaritas in Huntersville, NC last night. I hadn't see Kelly or Meredith in a while so I thought I would drop by.

Making the event even better anyone eating at Salsaritas – a portion of the store's proceeds for the evening would be donated to RunningWorks. A man has to eat and the opportunity to catch up with friends that you have not seen in a while is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

After work I headed up to the restaurant.

Meredith and Kelly had setup shop just outside the door of Salsaritas. I was immediately pulled into conversations and meeting new people. I met individuals from Meredith and Kelly's RunningWorks program and from the "Guys with TIES" program. Everyone one was having a great time and once they found out that I was a runner, I got peppered with questions. One guy told me that he was worried about the 5k and thought that he might need to stop and have a cigarette during the race. My free advice on this was that it probably wasn't a great idea.

There was a steady stream of people coming by and registering for the race. Meredith's going to have a nice turnout for her first race.

I have a side story to tell here. Justin was helping out with Meredith's event. Justin always seems to be this high energy, full of life person. At least that is the impression that I get every time that we have talked. Last night, he was no different. He was talking and at the same time running around helping everyone with everything. Well, last night Meredith comes up and we are talking. Then, she goes on to introduce to me none other than Justin's mother. Looking at her, I would never have guessed that she's Justin's Mother. She seemed quiet and petite. The disparity between the two perceptions came out with my very first words even thou, I tried to hide it – "so you are Justin's mother". I guess that reason that I said it this way is because I can only image the task she had on her hands directing Justin's youthful enthusiasm. Anyway, it was all good with smiles and laughs.

Finally, I was finally able to slip inside the store and purchase my veggie burrito. Then, it was back outside for more talking. By a ¼ to 8, I had to say my good byes.

I wished them good luck on Sunday and told them that I would be out there cheering.

If you get a chance, come by Rural Hill Farm on Sunday. Meredith's 5k race starts at 8:45 AM.


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