Monday, October 15, 2012

Quad status update

In my last post, I announced my decision about skipping the New River 50k. Man, how much was I disappointed by that decision? I was very disappointed. Saturday morning was absolutely perfect for running and I wanted so much to be at the starting line.

But sometimes common sense has to prevail even when it comes to runners.

Instead, I headed out for a 14 mile run Saturday. My quad started feeling a bit uncomfortable in the last mile but never gave out like it did earlier in the week. This was a positive sign.

I saw where Caitlin was running a long run on Sunday at McAlpine. She was doing 10 at 7-7:30 then picking it up. I didn't think that I could do the pickup portion so I opted for an early start and then picked her plus others up for their first 10 miles. This worked absolutely perfect for me.

I cruised through the first 10 miles in 76. I then picked them up and went out for another 10 miles. I came home in 2:40 for 22 miles. Happily, I am reporting that while my quad started hurting over the last 3 miles. Again, it just hurt but didn't give out.

My quad injury is not complete behind me. I still feel a lot of tightness and some soreness, but with 4 weeks until OBX, I feel like I am going to be good to go.

Crossing my fingers that the next 4 weeks go well trainingwise for me.


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