Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Marathon Long is in the books

Yesterday, I finished what will be my last long run before OBX. The morning was perfect for it. The weather was just cold enough that once running my body felt great. And making it even better was the company that towed me along for miles. The group included Aaron, Clayton, Dan, and Val, Kent, Paul, Mike M. and Billy just to name a few.

The conversations were great and kept my mind off the number of miles that lay before me. We kept making 7 mile loops for the purposes of either picking up or dropping off people along the way.

Overall, the run went well. However, the tenderness in my hamstrings seems to be a reoccurring theme these days. This could be the effects of running so hard during the Big South 5k on Saturday. Yeah, I agree probably not the best combination of events. Combing a hard race and then a super long run back to back just begs for the body to cry "uncle".

But now, I just need to focus on my taper and getting through the next 3 weeks without breaking anything.


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