Friday, October 5, 2012

Mile repeats

For this past Thursday, Megan had asked me if I would help her with some mile repeats that she had on her training plan. Honestly, I wasn't really sure what to expect.

After my accident last Thursday night a week ago, I noticed that my back and hips have felt extremely tight on Friday and to some extent Saturday. Then, Sunday, I ran 24 miles pretty hard and later in the day my left hamstring was starting to hurt. My first thought was "oh no". My right hamstring issue lasted nearly a year. I was so hoping to not repeat those struggles again.

Monday, my back was still tight and stiff. Combined with my hamstring, I noticed that my left glut was also acting up. This makes me feel like I am falling apart.

Through more running Tuesday and Wednesday, my status stayed status quo. The hamstring issue seems to have abated, but the glut issue continued to exist.

So we arrive on "yesterday" Thursday and I tell Megan that I will run and see what happens. If my glut or hamstring really acts up from the hard running, I would shut it down.

We proceed into the McAlpine Greenway and cover about 6 miles before starting the workout of 3 x 1 mile. Openly, I have no idea what to expect.

We take off on the first interval. The hamstring feels okay but the glut seems to be just as tight. I clock in a 5:55 for the first mile. We recover and then it is time for the second repeat. I can still feel the stiffness and what I will call soreness but nothing that seems to be hampering my ability to run. I clock 5:54 for this mile.

We head for the back loop of the 5k course for the last mile interval. I figure that I will push and see what happens. I am coming around the back side of the soccer fields. I try to relax my shoulders and my back as much as I can.

The glut doesn't hurt any more or any less, but I do seem to feel looser. This mile I clock in with a 5:44 mile. I didn't see this one coming.

Even today, I am still struggling with a stiff back but once I get warmed up running, the stiffness tends to subside. I just hope it subsides all together before next weekend when I have my 50k run.


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