Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My quad wants a day off

This morning I had intended on doing a hill workout, but it never happened. For one reason or another, my quad wants a day off.

Yesterday during my evening run, I noticed some tightness in my left medial quad. I didn't think much of it other than the usual stuff from the heavy load of marathon miles.

This morning, the same quad was extremely tight when we started running but usually it will loosen up once I get rolling. This morning it didn't.

It was noticeably hurting when we were rolling on the flats. Maybe it hurt a little more going uphill. But coming down hill, I noticed that it felt like it was going to give way. I stopped and tried stretching it. I ran a little further and it didn't seem to be improving.

We were now 7 miles in to the workout and I knew there would be no hills for me today. I told Megan to head on and I walked back to my car.

I came home and immediately put some ice on it and took some anti-inflammatory medicine.

This was not the sign that I needed with a 50k this weekend. Right now, I might be 50-50 for doing. I have to see how tomorrow goes.


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