Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pulling out of the 50k

Man, how much did the pendulum swing today. The swing had to be 180 degrees from the start of my run to the 7 mile mark.

I went running this morning and for the first few miles, my quad felt fine. I made sure to keep it easy today and through 5 miles, my thoughts entertained the possibility of running the 50k this weekend. I crossed the 7 mile mark on my 10 mile loop and suddenly without any warning, my quad started hurting. The pain wasn't bad at first but within a half mile, it became substantially worse. Enough pain that it affected my running.

I spent the final 2 miles struggling back home and feeling dejected. All the while, I was thinking there is no way, that I could make 31 miles on Saturday.

Rather than agonize over it for another day, I just made the call. There would be no 50k for me this weekend. I am better off not running it than trying to.

I rationalized by decision by considering 3 possible outcomes.

I could:

  1. Run the race and hope to finish.
  2. Run the race, suffer badly and end up walking to the finish
  3. Worse yet, run the race, and drop out because I couldn't go any further.

When nearly 70% of my options end in a failure outcome, there is no point. Better if I just end all thoughts of it and live to run another day.

Thus, no 50k race plans this weekend for me. I'll be puttering along trying to get in some miles. Then, I'll be wrapping a ice bag across my thigh.


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