Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brooks Launch Shoe Review

The Brooks Launch running shoe has gotten some really good accolades. For example, Runners World gave it the "Best Debut" award last year.

But no, that wasn't what prompted me to try it; it was a conversation that Jinnie from TrySports was having with a customer. Sorry, and yes, I was ease dropping, because all information is valuable in the right hands.

The customer was looking for more fore foot cushioning and Jinnie recommended the Brooks Launch.

Along the same lines, I like a shoe with lots of fore foot cushioning but doesn't come loaded down with the extra weight.

The Brooks Launch shoe weighs in at a nice 9.3 oz but probably like 10.5 for my size 12. The upper is made of a mesh material which doesn't restrict the roll of the foot as it hits the ground.

Mostly, I use it for my 10 mile recovery runs and so far, I liked it. For the weigh, the shoe gives me some excellent fore foot cushioning. My legs and feet feel good running in them which for any runner this is a plus.

For the runner that is looking for a little more cushioning in the fore foot without the weight, stop by TrySports and have Jinnie fix you up.

Here's additional info on them

One of Brooks more minimal shoes:
• Midsole Height: Heel (22 mm), Forefoot (10 mm)
• Outsole Height: Heel (3 mm), Forefoot (5.5 mm)
• Heel-to-Toe Offset: 9.5 mm
• Tooling Height: Heel (25 mm), Forefoot (15.5 mm)

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