Friday, January 14, 2011

6 mi. Tempo Run

Yesterday, the snow and ice finally melted enough that I could get out for a hard run. That is something other than just trying to stay up right.

This marathon cycle I have been approaching my training with a less is more ideology. In some of my past, marathon training session, I felt I worked so hard early on that I was exhausted by marathon time. This is probably not so much physically but more so mentally.

This is why I am starting my training cycle off with tempo runs. Tempo runs are the easiest mentally that I do. To use a "Kelly quote" – it is just one of those workouts where I can press play and go. To make the transition even easier, I use the progressive style tempo rather than the regular tempos which are started with a heavy foot on the gas. With these workouts, I am easing into it for the first couple of miles and then picking up the pace a little each mile. This allows me to finish the run feeling strong.

So now back to my workout, that's pretty much how yesterday went. Miles 1 and 2 of the tempo felt sluggish. I attribute much of this to my slow running the last few days and the fact that it was 30 degrees outside. Miles 3 through 6 felt a lot better and I was running as much as 15 seconds faster during those miles.

My heart rate is a little higher than I am really comfortable with but never did I feel like I was crossing the red line.

Overall, I give this work a B grade.

Here's Garmin Connect Copy of my workout.



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