Monday, August 16, 2010

Tour De Elvis 5k Race Recap 8.13.10

Peter and his Vac&Dash crew plus the Uwharrie Running Club keep upping the ante when it comes to putting on good races. I had the pleasure of running their inaugural Tour De Elvis 5k last Friday night.

The registration area opened at 6:30 and the race started around 8pm.

I picked up my packet and then met up with Stan and Jinnie for a run over the course. Jinnie had it the toughest since she was tethered to their dog. I felt for their dog. Between the hills and the stifling heat, I knew how bad that I felt so I can only imagine how their dog felt. But that little dog hung tough and finished our warm up.

By race time, my running shorts were totally drenched.

The course starts on the greenway but the starting line extends into the street. Many of the 193 runners took advantage of the wide starting area and filled it from side to side. The first ½ mile is mostly flat, but then it starts to turn up hill. The climbing continues until you reach the Stanley County YMCA. This is followed a loop around a couple of blocks before heading south on 1st street. Once we make turn on W. Main, it downhill and flat. Just before reaching 52, we took a right turn on to the greenway picking it up from the other side. Once we made the turn, we could see the red numerals of the finish clock. This was perfect because nothing motivates a runner more than seeing the finish clock.

For those that are interested, my Garmin measured the course at 3.13. And this is based off my attempt to run at much of the tangent as humanly possible.

After the race, I didn't need really need a cool down run but I did a few miles any way. 14 miles were totaled for day.

The post race party was great. There was plenty of Elvis music playing in the back ground, lots of pizza, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and jelly doughnuts.

The awards were Elvis medallions.

As for my race, I was a little disappointed. My time was 17:53 which was a second slower than when I ran with cracked ribs 4 weeks ago at Beat the Heat 5k. Checking my heart rate, I averaged 172 with a high of 178. So definitely, something is still not right.

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