Thursday, August 19, 2010

12 miles with 16 x 1 on/off

For those of you that think all I do is ride a bicycle now, here's a news update. I do still run.

Over the last we days, I did 22, 11, and 12 mile runs along with 17, 39, and 19 mile rides. Monday was my long run for the week at 22 miles. Tuesday was an easy recovery 11 miles and yesterday. Well, yesterday was 12 miles with 16 x 1 minute on/off thrown-in in the middle.

This string of days has pretty much left my quad trashed.

I was recently reading an article about anti-inflammatory medicines. With my recent bout with cracked ribs, I have been taking anti-inflammatory advil to help with the pain.

Funny, an hour or so after taking them, I felt great. My legs didn't feel sore and I could ride really hard. Only hours later when the effects would wear off that I felt like a truck had hit me.

I have never been one to take any type of medicine unless absolutely necessary and for a very good reason. If something is wrong, the pain signals to the brain that hey something is up and attention needs to be paid to the problem. Ignoring the issue only leads to it getting worse.

Advil was masking how hard that I was working and that I was not giving my body time to recovery properly.

Just so you know, I am listening to my body.



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