Monday, August 2, 2010

Marathon Paced Run

On Saturday, Nathan, Jay, Mike, and I met at the Huntersville Business Park for a Marathon paced run. Nathan was tempo director and did a good getting the logistics handle as well as the course layout.

Mike and I headed out first because we wanted 10 miles before the tempo. We swung around and picked up Jay and Nathan.

We finished the first 10 miles in 75 minutes. This was a little tough on me. I hadn't run this hard since May. Possibly, it took a little more out of me than I thought.

We circled back by the parking for a little H20 before starting the tempo.

Jay jumped out quick. Nathan, Mike, and I wear together. Then around 3 miles Nathan and Mike started to put a gap on me.

Being this was my first serious run in months; I thought I was hanging on pretty well.

They gradually extended their lead over me through the last 5 miles.

On a side note, Jay didn't know the area very well so Nathan had to yell directions from behind. If I didn't have to breathe so hard, I would have had to laugh because it was kind of comical to watch.

I met up with everyone back at the parking lot. Then Nathan, Mike, I headed out for a short cool down.

In all, Mike and I hit 21 miles. Jay did 16 miles and Nathan 18 miles.

Honestly, I was dreading the tempo and would have probably opted out if I hadn't committed to running. But afterwards, I was glad that I did it. Just having a other along for the same adventure made the entire effort a little easier.

We said out goodbyes, and I headed home for a little recovery and bike ride.

About 10 am my bike and I headed out the door. My plan was to get in 45 miles.

Then somewhere on the upper side Huntersville, I was starting to feel a little better. I jumped over to our 50 mile course.

With the clouds keeping the temperature in the mid 80s, I keep going.

By the time that I finished, I had tallied 63 miles ride. This was a little longer than I wanted for the day but it meant that my Sunday would be a lot easier which is always nice.

Also it would be my last long ride before my 100k Metric Century in 2 weeks.

Right now, my legs are pretty much toast, but with a few days of recovery, I should be fine.


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