Sunday, November 16, 2008

OBX 1 week later

Just over 1 week has past since I ran the OBX Marathon. As much as I wished that my disappointment in my race performance had subsided, it hasn't.

But I have not jumped back into full fledge training. Experience has taught me that I do need to recover and I realize if I want to do another marathon in the spring that I need to recovery properly now.

All of this week and all of next week, I am keeping my mileage down. Then Thanksgiving week, I am going to get it up to 60 miles and with a long run of 12 miles. This is tentative at this point, but it should be something close to it.

For my next marathon, I am going to do some things differently. I am going to get some help setting up my training schedule and workouts.

For good or bad, I gotten a lot of feedback from others. The common theme has been that I over did it. Running a 50k, 15k and then a marathon in 4 weeks is a lot. And trying to run them all hard is probably not a the most realistic objective. But what can I say. I have always been one to push to myself to the absolute limit. My feeling is that if you don't set the bar high, then what is the point. And, I do realize that setting it too high is not the right approach either. That is where I think having an objective opinion looking at your training schedule is going to help me.
Before I wrap this up, I should also say that the my recovery is coming along. I did 47 miles this week. All of the miles were very easy. My blisters are healing nicely and the soreness is mostly gone. My left hamstring is still tender, but it doesn't hurt unless I really stretch it out. And to make a funny, I think I made my self more sore working in my garge and mowing my yard than I did running 26 miles.
That's it for this week, I will probaby blog something next Sunday to let everyone know how my recovery is going.
Later and may your trails be smooth and dry,
Cool Down Runner.

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