Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Record your workouts

They say a camera adds 10 pounds to a person’s frame. They might want to add – a camera also adds 10 minutes to a person’s pace.  Watch my video and you will see it.

A couple of weeks ago with my camera in hand, I recorded my strides and form drills during an evening workout.

There are no super secrets here. Strides, high knees, and butt kicks constitute the entire workout along with a warm up and cool down mile.

More so, recording the workout allows me to go back and see where my running technique needs improvement. We all slack a little bit and the only way to see if I am slacking is to watch myself while running.

In the video, there was several areas right off the bat which need changing. One big one was my shoulders. I have a bad habit when running of pulling my shoulders up.  When I do, it tightens up my back, traps, and neck muscles. This really affects how well that I run. Occasionally during my long runs, these muscles can even cramp up on me. Then, there was my less than stellar ability to either get my knees higher or actually get the heels of my shoes to touch my gluts. One day, I wonder if I will even be able to move.

The point of this blog is – make use of your smart phone or camera. Record your workouts. Later take a look at your form. Cameras don’t lie and can be a great tool for helping make you a better runner.


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The Cool Down Runner



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