Friday, July 3, 2015

Hydration, Nunn, and recovery

Charlotte has been overtaken by a rainy overcast morning as we head into a holiday weekend. Once the forth is in the books, runners will probably be looking for races to do. Others like me are starting to plan out their race schedules with a fall marathon in mind.

Unless you are running on a trail, anything more than a 10k in the summer time just isn’t feasible. The heat is just too much. Our bodies are tuned to run but they really struggle when most of the blood normally used to power our muscles is instead sent toward the surface of our skin to help cool our bodies. Then, there is just the normal recovery time from a hot run. A few days ago I jumped on my scales after a run. I had to step off and back on again just to make sure it was reading correctly. During the run my weight dropped 10 pounds. Drinking copious amounts of H20 isn’t easy so taking in enough to recover from losing 10 pounds can be even more difficult. And, if the water doesn’t get replenished before the next run, then this run starts with a deficient.

This is the point where spiraling downhill can occur. Hitting the bottom probably means walking.

My favorite way to replace these missing electrolytes is with Nunn. Drop a Nunn tablet into a bottle of water, let is dissolve, and then give it a good shake. I get the electrolytes without the loads of calories.

The Nunn gives the water some flavor and helps my body recover much quicker than if I just use H20 alone.

Just remember the more you run, the more you need to be concerned about hydration.  Being dehydrated can definitely affect your performance.

Drink up,

The Cool Down Runner


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