Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Morning Run

How was your morning run? If you were running here in Charlotte this morning, you most likely felt like you were in the side of a vegetable steamer.

7 miles in to my 10 mile run with Megan, Steve, and Aaron, we were headed up Sardis Rd back to PDS. Sweat was dripping off my nose, my hands, and just about everywhere else. My running shorts were absolutely soaked. Pressing the concede button seemed inorder. I was toast. Or to use a steak analogy, I was well done. Actually, I was blacked on the edges.

I have to say that most of the year Charlotte is a awesome place to run. But there are those occasional hot and humid summer days that just leave me drained.

This morning just happened to be one of those days.


Sharing thoughts from one hot summer morning run,

The Cool Down Runner



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