Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guinness World Records Title Holder

Our Charlotte Running Club is now an official Guinness World Records Title Holder. Yesterday afternoon, an email arrived in my inbox stating that the Guinness Records Manager had accepted my application i.e. documentation, pictures, videos, etc as proof we broke their record for most linked runners completing a 5k race - 179 Runners strong.

What is not to feel good about? I am now an official world record holder along with a 178 of my fellow runners that helped me achieve this huge accomplishment.

They say to do something that you love, and you never work a day in your life. Truth be known, it doesn’t really matter how many hours I spent making it happen. The fact is that we did make it happen and a Guinness World Record now resides in our great city of Charlotte and with our very own Charlotte Running Club.

I am so thrilled for our team, our city, and our running club.

If you would like to see Guinness's listing of our record, please click here.

If you were member of our team and would like to buy a participate certificate from Guinness, there is an id and code that is needed to be able to purchase it. Either email or message me on FaceBook and I will provide you with this code.

Guinness charges $25 for this participate certificate.


So excited,

The Cool Down Runner




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