Wednesday, July 15, 2015

EnduraCool – Multi Cool

During the warmer months my sweat level increases in what seems like an exponential rate mainly between May and Sept. My shorts are dry for may be a mile into my runs. By the end of my runs, they are completely soaked. Typically, they are dripping water as I walk back to my car.

While wearing soaked shorts isn’t fun by any means. Having sweat run down in my eyes is even worse. The burning sensation makes a hot run even harder.

These days I have gone to wearing a baseball cap during my runs but even caps don’t do much after a certain point.

So I am always looking for something new.

Back in June while channel surfing I stopped on some random channel showing an Ad for the EndurCool – Multi Cool. After watching the commercial, I decided to try it.

Ok, now, I am struggling on how to best describe it. May be the close analogy is comparing it to a neck gaiter. The material is similar to what is used for compression shorts and calf sleeves.

The package comes with instructions for 12 ways to wrap it around your head and neck. I use the skull cap and neck skirt variation.

From my personal experience, the EnduraCool works well. Sweat no longer gets in my eyes.  For the most part my head and neck seem to stay cooler since they are now covered. Additionally, EnduraCool material provides SPF 50 protection so I don’t have to worry about getting a sun burn.

Post runs, I hand wash it, and then, hang it up to dry.

Currently, they only come in blue and pink. EnduraCool is available online or at Lowes. I purchased my EnduraCool at Lowes because I wanted to look at it before I made my purchase.

At $24 the cost is a bit pricey, but I do like the convenience of it.


Stay cool my friends,


The Cool Down Runner



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