Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wave Starts

During the Disney World ½ marathon, I was beaten by another 50 year old runner by a scant 8 seconds. Getting beaten doesn’t bother me. Getting beaten by someone in my age group doesn’t bother either. He ran a faster time so I have to congratulate him on his effort.

My frustration comes from not getting to complete head to head. Assuming there were roughly 2 minutes between each wave start, he was either 3 or 4 waves behind me when our race started.

While we both ran the same course, we didn’t run under the same conditions. From about 6 miles on, I was running solo. I suspect that he spent those same miles weaving through the numerous runners from the earlier waves. Personally, I would take his scenario over mine any day.   

Looking at our splits we would have most likely ran the race together. Who knows what would have happened during those last few miles.


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