Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10k Track Bucket List Item

With 4 races in 4 day coming up later this week, my mind should be totally focused on getting ready. But like most runners, cutting back on running means an abundance of both physical and mental energy.

I could point this energy in the direction of worrying, but this never seems to do me any good. Rather, what I have found works best for me is to start planning my next big adventure.

Track racing has become something that I have taken a keen interest the past couple of years. Running loops around a 400 meter track has it pluses and minuses. There are no hills but if there is a wind blowing, each lap can be downright ugly every 200 meters.

Anyway, I have never raced a 10k on a track so this is something that I would like to check off my bucket list this year. Searching the internet for track meets which have a 10k in the Charlotte i.e. NC area has yielded pretty much “nada”.

Just my luck.

So if I cannot find a meet, I guess I will just have to create a meet. Thinking ahead, I would love to do something in say May. Maybe make it a week day or Friday evening race. Before, anything certain can be made official; there is the tiny issue of finding a track to use. I plan to put out some feelers over the next couple of weeks. If luck is on myside, some AD will say “yes” and I will be in business.

If you are interested in joining me for a 10k race on the track, let me know.


Sharing thought at time,

The Cool Down Runner  


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