Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years’ Resolution Time

Every January first, we make resolutions in hopes that we will follow through on these self made promises and transform ourselves into something better than we were the previous year. I am all too familiar with this process myself.

I look at who I am today and who I would like to be tomorrow. Then I create a list of the traits that I would like to change about myself. Some years, I succeed in making these transformations into a habit. Other years, I struggle to keep them.  More than few instances I have failed at them.

What is important about making these resolutions is that we are striving to be better people. The only way to be a better person is to have a willingness to change and the resolve to make it happen.

Write down your resolutions. Put them on them on your refrigerator. Look at them every morning and remind yourself of the person that you want to become.


Happy New Year,


The Cool Down Runner

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