Tuesday, January 27, 2015

February Workouts

 With 2 big races coming up in each of the next two months, the time has come to squeeze every last ounce of speed out of these old legs. To do so, I need to hit the track again if I am to reach my goals.  

Here’s a breakdown of the next 4 weeks

·         Week 1  (Feb 3):  12 x 400 with 200 meter recovery

·         Week 2 (Feb 10):  4 x 1600 with 800 recovery

·         Week 3 (Feb 17):  Ladder Week (200, 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 800, 400, 200 with ½ recovery)

·         Week 4 (Feb 24):  12 x 400 Hills workout – 2 mi. warm up to the hill, run hills, 2 mi cool down back to PDS.

I will start with some 400s to rev up our leg turn over. This will be followed with some mile repeats to push up both my heart rate and my lactic acid threshold. Week three, I will hit a combination of systems by pushing up my leg turnover while also getting some lactic acid threshold work. The last week February, I hit my only hill workout of this early spring cycle. This workout will help me build some power in my quads as well as engaging my hip flexors.

Join me at PDS for my workout or just join me for the warm up/cool down while doing your own track workout. Sometimes just having others out there helps make a difference.

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