Friday, January 16, 2015

Road to Recovery

After an awesome experience at Disney with the Dopey Challenge, I am back in CLT now. My body is slowly returning to normal. Sometimes, I believe the walking around Disney is harder than running a marathon.

Monday through Wednesday, I kept my mileage to an easy 4 miler. With the rest of the day, I walked the parks. Monday was incredible slow. Tuesday and Wednesday were better. Yesterday, I ran 7 miles. My legs actually felt like they were moving for the first time.

The week post a marathon is always easy one. The body needs time to recharge it batteries after a huge effort. This week will be followed by a getting back to normal mileage week. Then, during the third week I would I will start to throw in a light workout or two. Reminding my legs, I still hope to run fast.

Usually by 4 weeks out I am ready to start digging into some good workouts. This syncs up well with my plans to hit the track for several interval sessons over the next couple of months.

I have a rough draft of these workouts already in the works and will be sharing it in my Charlotte Running Club article for our club's newsletter. I will also post it here in case someone wants to see what my workout schedule is like.

For now, I am just enjoying some easy running and thinking about what I want to do next.


Sharing one thought at time,

The Cool Down Runner

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