Friday, January 9, 2015

Dopey Challenge – Race #2 – Minnie Mouse 10k

This morning let’s recap my second race in the Dopey Challenge – the Minnie Mouse 10k.

First, my alarm sounded at 3:31 AM. I rolled out of bed without any thoughts of hitting the snooze button. After a few housekeeping chores, I was headed for the buses which would take me over to EpCot.

Walking is the norm at Disney, and at 4:20 AM, I was walking into the runner’s village. With the temperatures being bit warmer yesterday and the wind only blowing at about 5 mph, most everyone was milling around.

It wasn’t too hard to find a place for me to lay down my towel and stretch out. I like to take a few minutes to relax before getting ready. There is one thing about Disney races. There is so much activity going on that time passes quickly.  I dropped by bag at baggage check and head ed for my starting corral.

Today, we had way more runners in corral “A” than yesterday. Walking to the starting line, I maneuvered my way up to the 3rd layer of runners from the starting line. This seemed to a nice spot, and I chatted with the runners around me.

With 30 seconds to go, I started taking some deep breathes. With no real good warm up, the first couple of miles were to be my warm up miles.

Just like the 5k everyone rushed off the starting line this morning. Most went sprinting out for about 200 meters and then abruptly slowed down. My guess most of these people just wanted their picture taken at the start. I found myself side stepping these runners so as to not run into them. Things started to sort about the ¾ of mile mark.

My first mile was 5:53 and my breathing was steady rather labored. We made a U-turn and headed back on a parallel road. Mile two passed in 5:53. Mile 3 went by in 5:48. Mile 4 was again in 5:48 as we entered EpCot. Most of mile 5 was around the board walk in 6:01. Mile 6 had us going back through EpCot – 5:56. It was during this mile that I found myself slipping and sliding. Disney washes their sidewalks down each night.  Racing flats on top of these wet sidewalks feels just like walking on ice.

After near disaster yesterday with the “unlight” pole, the Disney maintenance crew had fixed it with a new light by this morning.

With a clear sight to the finish line, I just maintain an even effort the rest of the way. With two big days coming, it is important to stay out of the red as much as possible.

 36:55 for 13 overall and first in the 50-55 age group. I will take this run any day.

I did my Dopey Challenge check-in and headed for baggage check.  Throw on some cloths and sprinted across the runners village for a picture with Dopey. I am doing the Dopey Challenage so I have to have a picture with Dopey. Then it was off to the buses for a quick ride back to the hotel. I was walking to my room at 7:01 AM and feeling a huge sense of accomplishment before most people were even starting their day.

9.3 miles down with a ½ and full marathon to go,

The Cool Down Runner  

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