Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Old School Workout - 800s

We had a big crew of runners at PDS this morning. Paul was leading the 1600 crew. Aaron was leading the 1200 crew. Steve, Donny, Caleb and I were doing 800s.

With the temperature hovering just over 50 degrees at 5:30 AM, we were all intching to get started. Following the usual plan, we hit the roads for a couple of miles, and then finished with a couple of laps on the track. 

Since everyone was running a similar pace, we all started together. 

Boy, was I glad that I wasn't running the 1200s or the 1600s.

I was well in back of the pack with a 2:40. The rest of our workout, we were off sequence with everyone else. Caleb was looking smooth. Donny, Steve, and I were doing out best to stay with him.

After my 2:40 first interval, I went 2:42, 2:41, 2:40, 2:40, and 2:40. Each interval, I was running just off Steve shoulder. On the straights, I tried to push up along side him but on the turns, I would slip back. Through the first 5 intervals, I could never get a clear step in front of him.

Finally, on the last interval, I was able to push just ahead of him and grabbed the inside lane. Steve always closes strong. I just hoped that I was feeling strong enough to hold the pace that I was committed.

With 500 to go, my legs felt topped out. My breathing was more like a gasping of breathe and than my usual steady breathing pattern.

300 to go, it took all I could muster to convice my legs that I shouldn't stop. 200 to go, I didn't want to hold anything back.

100 to go, keep pushing to the finish.

Caleb finishes. I am just a short distance behind him. Then comes Steve and Donny.

I slow to a walk/jog and let my breathing return to normal.

This was on of my best workouts in a while. I attribute all of it to have Caleb, Steve, and Donny being out there. Getting out of bed and running at 5:30 isn't easy by any means. We would probably all rather be sleeping nice and warm in our beds, but we do this because we want something more. We all know that success is built on consistancy and hard work.

This is why we do it.

Sharing one thought at time,

The Cool Down Runner

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