Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ladder 1600, 1200, 800, 400, & 8 x 200

If it is Tuesday morning, I must be making the trip down to the PDS track for our weekly interval workout. Good company is always appreciated, and this morning Caleb, Steve, and Megan joined me for the warm up and cool down miles. Caleb, and Steve were also doing our workout.

Today, the workout was pretty simple. A descending set of intervals starting with a 1600, then a 1200, followed by an 800, then finally a 400, we finished it off with 8 x 200. We followed each hard interval with a ½ distance recovery.

Caleb, as usual, was running hard right out of the gate. Steve was chasing him while I followed close behind Steve.

Sometimes, all one can do is follow. A few times, I did actually pull up to Steve shoulder but each time he could pull me again by a few steps.

I went 5:29 for the 1600, 4:01 for the 1200, 2:40 for the 800, and 76 for the 400. The 200s ranged between 37 and 39 seconds. I tend to treat these like a really had stride and nothing more.

I really like the concept of running the longer intervals up front and the working the distance while while continuing to push the pace. I do a similar Fartlek workout where I work down from 8 minutes to 1 minute. The concept is really same. I am trying to teach my body to continue pushing hard as it get more and more tired.   

Big shout out to Caleb and Steve again this week. I would not be running this fast on my own. And, these guys are making me both faster and stronger with every workout.

Appreciate it.


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