Friday, October 10, 2014

CRC Uptown Throwdown Run/Relay

I had forgotten how dark Freedom Park can be in the predawn hours. But I had little choice in the matter. Our CRC Uptown Throwndown was to begin at 7 AM last Saturday so stuff has to be setup and runners welcomed.

Of course, my first official task is to hang up our club’s banner. Then, it was just be the extra set of hands for whatever was needed.

Rob is a great race director because he had things running smoothly.

He gave everyone the “low down” on the course and the runners are off.

When everyone was safely away, I headed back to my car, grabbed my shoes, and started making my laps around Freedom Park.

The first few laps were solo. Then, I picked up a runner buddy through 19 miles when he dropped off for a break.

My last 5 miles were tougher than I expected. It had been a long week and to throw 24 miles on top of it was probably a bad idea.

My legs were pretty stiff when I finally finished up.

The rest of my day was the best part. I could hang out and enjoy a pleasant day talking running. I heard so many great stories, got some good advice, learned about some new massage tools, and tried to not get a sun burn as we chased the sun around the park.

Runners all have stories but some are far more inspiring than others. I had a great conversation with a runner that had gone through a massive weight loss. He had already lost 100 pounds in just the last 4 months. During our run/relay, he would run 28 miles. This is further than he had every run in his entire life.

When I hear stories his, I am just so amazed at how running can change people lives. And, I feel so fortunate to be able to enjoy it over the last 30 years and I hope to enjoy it for rest of my life.

Before wrapping up, I wanted to share something about Rob. I first met Rob when he joined the CRC board. In the last two years, I have grown not only to have a great respect for his running accomplishments, but to have a great appreciate for his willingness to be a constant team player and supporter of the Charlotte Running Club. He sets such great example that we could all do well to follow his lead.

I know that I appreciate all that he does. 

Sharing one thought at time,

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