Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Learning Experience – Tether Team Test Run

On Tuesday night, we held our first tether team practice run at the Fleet Feet store in Huntersville. Boy, was it a learning experience.

I can read about it. I can spend long hours thinking about it. I can write about it .

However, there is nothing like trying to put things into practice. These are the moments when I truly find out what works and what doesn’t.

Maybe this single most important obstacle to us succeeding will be communication. Without having eyes in the backs of our heads, we don't know what is going on behind us. Our stewards and line captain will have to be away of runners around them and signal when there is a issue. 
Another key component will be pace. The front runners will need to be very much aware of their pace because the rest of our tether team will follow their lead. For this reason, I plan to plant myself on the front row. This way the blame falls squarely on me to keep our pace in line for the entire run.

I also want to give Eric a big shout out for coming out and helping. I never realized that he had such excellent knot tying skills.

Our next practice test run will be 11/1/14 @ 2pm again at Fleet Feet in Huntersville. I am also working on another test run date. When I have locked down, I will be sharing it.

Lastly, we still need Tether Team members. Join our team by emailing:

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