Wednesday, October 1, 2014

49er XC Invitational Meet

Sometimes a little sweat equity is a good thing. Back in the summer, we worked out an agreement with UNCC to use their track for our CRC summer track night.

Last Friday, I returned the favor by volunteering with the 49er XC Invitational Meet. I had to take the day off from work but it was for a good cause. Plus, I got to spend a day doing something running related.

This was my first ever volunteering effort for a XC race so when I arrived at 8:50 AM, I told Tom to point me in a direction and tell me what needed done. We pounded poles in  to the ground, hung snow fence, put up pennants, and setup tables. Generally, just made sure the course was well marked and ready for the runners.

Really, this was an opportunity for me to watch and learn. Tom, Larry, and Randy knew what they were doing so I tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible. We spent a good 3 ½ to 4 hours on the course setup before breaking for lunch.

I grabbed a quick bit and was back at 2pm.

From there, I helped out doing whatever was needed.

I went through my first NCCA officials meeting and got my course assignment. As luck would have it, I could one of the critical sections. If I screwed up, everyone would know it.

First, we had the high school girls’ race. The lead girl was way out front by the time she passed my location. When she came back for her second pass, she was not looking so good. Her legs must have been overload with lactic acid. She was wobbling. I later learned that she fell down just short of the finish. She did finish however and was immediately rushed to medical.

There was not nearly as much drama for the high school boys. One guy had a big led but he looked strong the entire way.

The college girls race went off smoothly. They did two 3k loops.

The college guys ran an 8k race with lots of twist and turns. There were a few guys that wanted to turn the wrong way but with some extra yelling and hand waving, we kept them on course.

The tear down started at 7pm and before 8pm, I was driving one of the Gators back to the parking lot for drop off.

Working a XC meet could seem like a long day but this was a worthwhile day. I learned so much and got a chance to see lots of great XC runners.

This is definitely something that I would do again.

I really appreciate Tom, Larry, and Randy for sharing so much information while answering so many of my dumb questions.  

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The Cool Down Runner



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